Decentralized Crypto Exchange and Ecosystem
What is XChain English

What is XChain?

XChain, pronounced “cross-chain”, is a multi-consensus blockchain platform for instant conversion of... cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, and Metaverse assets between different blockchain protocols. XChain also provides an internal ecosystem where NFTs, DeFi protocols, GameFI items, and Metaverse assets are managed natively without the risks associated with Smart Contracts.

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What is XChain 中文


XChain, 发音为“跨链”, 是一个多重共识区块链平台,用于在不同的区块链协议之间即时转换加密货币、非同质化代币...、去中心化金融、GameFi和元宇宙资产。XChain还提供了一个内部生态系统,可以对非同质化代币、去中心化金融协议、GameFI项目和资产实行原生管理,避免智能合约带来的相关风险。

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What is XChain русский

Что такое XChain?

XChain, произносим «кросс-чейн», это мульти консенсусная блокчейн-платформа... для мгновенной конвертации криптовалют: NFT, DeFi, GameFi и активов Метавселенной между различными блокчейн-протоколами. XChain также предоставляет внутреннюю экосистему, в которой NFT, протоколы DeFi, элементы GameFI и активы Метавселенной изначально управляются без рисков, связанных со смарт-контрактами.

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What is XChain Português

O que é XChain?

XChain, pronuncia-se como “cross-chain”, é uma plataforma blockchain multi-consenso para a conversão... instantânea de criptomoedas, NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, e ativos de Metaversos entre diferentes protocolos blockchain. A XChain também fornece um ecossistema interno onde NFTs, protocolos DeFi, items GameFi e ativos de Metaversos são gerenciados nativamente sem os riscos associados aos Contratos Inteligentes.

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What is XChain Deutsch

Was ist XChain?

XChain, ausgesprochen „cross-chain“, ist eine Multi-Konsens-Blockchain-Plattform für... die sofortige Konvertierung von Kryptowährungen, NFTs, DeFi, GameFi und Metaverse-Assets zwischen verschiedenen Blockchain-Protokollen. XChain bietet ein internes Ökosystem, in dem NFTs, DeFi-Protokolle, GameFI-Gegenstände und Metaverse-Assets nativ verwaltet werden, ohne die mit Smart Contracts verbundenen Risiken.

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What is XChain Español

¿Qué es XChain?

XChain, pronunciado “cross-chain” (cadena cruzada), es una plataforma blockchain multi... consenso para convertir criptomonedas, NFT, DeFi, GameFi y activos Metaverse, instantáneamente, entre diferentes protocolos de blockchain. XChain también provee un ecosistema interno en el que los NFT, los protocolos DeFi, los elementos de GameFi y los activos de Metaverse se gestionan de forma nativa sin los riesgos asociados con los contratos inteligentes.

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Decentralized Crypto Exchange
and Ecosystem

XChain is a public decentralized project.
Own a piece of XChain: get now XChain NFTs.

Only 5000 NFTs are available.
Presale starts Jan 15, 2022 and ends Jun 30, 2022

Only 5000 NFTs are available.

Get extra 10% to 100% on every NFT package purchased


XChain NFT Token Info

Each NFT represents 1/5000 onership of the project.

There will be a maximum of 5000 NFTs and 33.3333.333 XCH coins minted in 15 years.
За 15 лет будет выпущено не более 5000 NFT и 33.3333.333 XCH.
Haverá um máximo de 5.000 NFTs e 33.3333.333 moedas XCH cunhadas em 15 anos.
In 15 Jahren werden maximal 5000 NFTs und 33.3333.333 XCH-Münzen geprägt.
En 15 años, se acuñará un máximo de 5.000 NFT y 33.3333.333 de monedas XCH.

NFTs Minted as of
14 Jan 2022: 1
Remaining: 4999

Presale Packages:

from: 15/01/22
to: 30/06/22

1015 NFTs
550 ETH

550 NFTs
300 ETH

400 NFTs
200 ETH

150 NFTs
100 ETH

65 NFTs
50 ETH

11 NFTs
10 ETH

Max amount of NFTs minted5000

Token UsesEthereum

Token StandartERC1155

Token NameXChain Tech

NFT Contract Address

Presale minimum amount10 ETH

Presale maximun amountNo Limits


Foundation PresidentRoberto Capodieci

NFT Sales Contract Address



POSITIVE: Send ETH to the sales smart contract (xchainsale.eth - 0x3091008CdCA6e648269
8E8d34E5E543f6932EB4c) only from an Ethereum wallet you have full control of (i.e. you have the private key and/or the seed of your account, you use metamask with or wothout an hardware wallets, you have a wallet that rely on a smart contract that can manage NFTs (ERC1155).

NEGATIVE: DO NOT send ETH to the sales smart contract from: 1) an exchange account 2) a wallet you don't have the seed or private keys for 3) a smart contract unable to receive and manage NFTs 4) a blockchain that is not Ethereum 5) Do not send wrapped ETH, ERC20 tokens, or any other thing besides ETH, or it will get lost.


A real decentralized project has no single owner, no company that runs it, no centralized leadership. A real decentralized project belongs to those that make it happen, and those that make it run. It is with this spirit that XChain will exist. The foundation only act as a coordination and guideline service until the project is fully taken in the hands of those that own it. And those that own it are those that own its NFTs.

The future is decentralised!

Soon, protocols for decentralized systems will start replacing those of centralized web services that currently dominate the Internet. When rather than connecting to the API of some central provider our apps will interact directly with a Peer to Peer network, we will be a step into a decentralized Internet. When, rather than connecting to an ISP that is effectively a man in the middle between our computer and the rest of the internet, we will connect to a random hot spot of a global mesh network, then even the Internet, as infrastructure, will be decentralized.


We have two roadmaps that will run almost in parallel
One for completing the base platform, and one to implement the exchange system.
  1. ROADMAP 01

    The XChain Ecosystem Roadmap


  2. Q1 2022

    Initial Funding Stage

    Tech planning for implementation
    Finalization of Yellow Paper

  3. Q2 2022

    Funding Stage

    Private deployment
    Initial tests
    Developer Community Buildup

  4. Q3 2022

    Implementation Stage

    Alpha Network Testing
    Alpha Community Building

  5. Q4 2022

    Implementation Stage

    Beta Network Testing
    Marketing Rollout

  6. Q1 2023

    Deployment Stage

    Public Testnet Deployment
    Debugging Phase

  7. Q2 2023

    Deployment Stage

    Public Testnet Consolidation
    Projects Onboarding

  8. Q3 2023

    Genesis Block

    Deployment Stage
    Public Mainnet Deployment
    Initial Transactions and Coins Collection

  9. Q4 2023

    Phase One is Live

    Work on better UI/UX
    Implementation of New Functionalities

  10. ROADMAP 02

    The Decentralized Crypto Exchange on XChain

  11. Q2 2022

    Implementation Stage

    Setup of Integration Testing Blockchain Nodes (BTC, ETH, etc.)

  12. Q3 2022

    Implementation Stage

    Consensus Triggered Multisig Transactions Tests

  13. Q4 2022

    Implementation Stage

    Testing of Cross Consensus Bridges

  14. Q1 2023

    Deployment Stage

    Deployment on XChain Public Testnet

  15. Q2 2023

    Deployment Stage

    First Tesnet to Testnet Exchange Tests

  16. Q3 2023

    Deployment Stage

    Implementation of Blockchain Object with Exchange Rates

  17. Q4 2023

    Deployment Stage

    Final Tests on Testnet, and initial implementation on XChain MainNet

  18. Q1 2024

    Project is Fully Live

    Debugging, work on better UI/UX, Implementation of New Functionalities, etc.

XChain Foundation Team

The XChain Foundation Team will be presented in March 2022
For info and suggestion write to: roberto [at]

Roberto Capodieci

President of the XChain Foundation

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